The protein skimmer didn’t work out so well.


Yes, failure with the PVC protein skimmer.  I am sure it can be done, however within this size tank, I think there is not enough space.  So I decided to find another way to remove phosphates from the water.

Voila a miracle refugium built with the light that I started with!  I had to modify the black lid on the tank but after a few drops of super glue and a metal saw blade, it was a perfect fit.  Now you may be wondering how I am able to keep this macro algae from entering the sump pump, and that is a great question.  I went to the local pet store and bought a large pad of bio-foam for a different sump and cut it to size.  I wedged it down beneath the macro algae and things have been going great!

I have plans on upgrading the lighting in the back by building an LED assembly with drivers and all but that will be a ways away.


Chaetomorpha linium in the back of a sump tank
Within the sump portion of the tank, I added Chaetomorpha linium and a light.

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