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My name is Roman and I’ve been fascinated with sea life since I was young.  I was in third grade if I remember correctly when I first discovered the symbiotic relationship between a clown fish and anemone.  I had to write a small presentation to the rest of the class.  After studying these two animals I had always dreamed of having my own.  Later in life when I left to college I picked up a 50 gallon freshwater tank and filled it with community fish.  I grew bored of the simplicity of community fish and moved on to a Cichlid tank.  After breeding Cichlids for a while I felt like it was time to begin a saltwater tank.  Luckily a saltwater fish store was near my college, I managed to get a screaming deal on a 29 gallon bio-cube for a few hundred.  I packed this tank with fish and inverts without any knowledge of how to maintain a salt water fish tank.  After a few months the tank crashed and I lost everything but the clown that I had.  I started researching like crazy and discovered so many other types of symbiotic relationships, fish and inverts, ways to reduce nitrates, nitrites, phosphates and ammonia.  Since then I have not had a tank crash and have set up multiple tanks and systems for friends and family.