A nano worthy protein skimmer

So over a few months now, and I’ve had difficulty with my lighting and I think possibly the nitrites and nitrates.  What I mean is that I’m having a wee bit of hair algae growth within the tank and its come in on the coral frags I’ve purchased.  So I’ve done a little bit of overkill I think for the tank to rid myself of the growth.

Stage one of my attack!  I asked around and found out that bumblebee snails are not actual algae eaters..so a Mexican turbo snail should help out!

Stage two, decreased lighting from 9hrs to around 7hrs.

Stage three, I made a PVC pipe protein skimmer out of 3/4 inch PVC.  I am not super sure if its needed but the 5 dollars I spent making it couldn’t hurt.  Have to wait a few days to see if its actually working.

This was a failure

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